Custom Wood Windows

Wood windows, tastefully designed and beautifully finished, add warmth and character to any room.

At Mastercraft Windows and Doors, we pay special attention to details. We design each window to suit the special needs of it’s location within your home. We then build each window to exacting standards, handcrafted, one at a time.

We pride ourselves on our Superior Master Craftsmanship and the attention to detail your home deserves. We manufacture a wide variety of styles that will meet or exceed your design specifications, while still providing maximum functionality. Anything is possible, limited only by your imagination. Whether it’s renovation, restoration, or a new construction project, Mastercraft Windows and Doors is your window to success. Contact us for more information on our exceptional wood windows.


Each Mastercraft window sash has weathertight corners that are mortised and tenoned, pressure-glued, and finally hardwood dowelled. This creates a sash incorporating the ultimate in strength and true square fit.

Weather Stripping

All of Mastercraft’s operating windows are machined for a dual weather-strip system, which ensures an exceptional seal, increasing energy efficiency and decreasing sound transmission.

Main Frame

At Mastercraft, all of our window products are manufactured to your individual specifications with a one piece, 1 3/8” thick rabbeted frame, for wall thicknesses up to 14” deep. We mechanically fasten all of our window frames with stainless steel screws, to provide maximum holding strength. Our one piece frame construction eliminates the need for secondary jamb extensions, providing a clean and seamless sill.

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