Custom Log Home Windows & Doors

At Mastercraft Windows and Doors, our history lies in the manufacturing of exceptional wood products, specifically suited to the log home industry.

All of our windows & doors are handcrafted from British Columbia Douglas Fir, or selected hardwoods and are designed to complement the craftsmanship of your Log or Timber Frame home. Limited only by your imagination, our talented staff can create a collection of custom built windows and doors for you and your family to enjoy, for years to come.

Mastercraft Windows and Doors Log Homes

The intricacies that Log Home construction presents, can be challenging to the window and door industry. At Mastercraft Windows and Doors however, we specialize in custom sized products designed specifically to allow for the natural settling which will occur in your home over time.

We work closely with your Log Home Builder to ensure that each and every handcrafted product fits perfectly in place! Please feel free to contact us for more information on how our products will complement your log home project.

One Piece Construction

All of our windows and doors include a one piece attached exterior brick mold, designed to fit precisely to the log opening your builder has created. To accomodate the extra wall depth created in log construction, we manufacture all of our products with a one piece 1-3/8″ laminated jamb to the full wall depth your project requires.

To further ease in the installation process we supply each window and door with a custom sized trim package, which transitions beautifully into the log wall opening. Prior to final assembly, each handcrafted item is custom stained and top coated in your choice of colour to either blend into its log surroundings or contrast stunningly. The choices are endless!

The Complete System

We pride ourselves on providing a complete system which eliminates most of the work and all of the worry associated with fitting windows and doors into log homes. All of our log home window and door packages are backed by Mastercraft Windows and Doors’ “Guaranteed Fit.” Our team of professionals have the knowledge and experience to guide you every step of the way.